DEEP Cleaning Data Service

Data Evaluation, Enhancement and Purification
Bad customer data is never going to change unless
you use DEEP to clean the data for effective marketing.
DEEP Cleaning Data Service
Data Evaluation, Enhancement and Purification

Dirty data increases costs and customer dissatisfaction.

As a retailer, time pulls you in so many directions – financial, inventory, merchandising, marketing, staffing. If you’ve been in business for quite a while, you have customer information that needs attention.
Do you have customer info in many places? Point-of-sale, email campaign database, maybe pieces of paper from event signups?

Do you have bounced and unsubscribed emails that need to be updated in your point-of-sale?
Do you dream of consolidating your customer info into one clean database?
Do particular customer information issues make you crazy?
Do you have some records where names are obviously reversed?
Do you have multiple phone formats?
Do you have duplicates?
Do you wonder who has moved out of your trading area?

Do you feel overwhelmed by how to get started?


Here’s how we do it…
We export a full customer file from your point-of-sale, and we collect all other files you have, for example bounce and unsubscribe files, or shoeboxes full of customer info.

We standardize and update the snail mail address to be correct for the post office and for mapping.

We apply NCOA [national change of address].

Phone numbers are checked for completeness and consistent format.

Names are reviewed for typos.

Email addresses are checked for completeness and consistent format.

We remove bad characters, errant spaces, and redundant data.

We move data to the appropriate field.

We clean up strange characters.

We find and correct data placeholders.
Often a customer has more than one entry with different information on each record.
For example same name and address on record #1

Same info on record #2 but also a phone

Same info on record #3 but also an email address.

When it is clearly the same customer, we merge data into one record for you
Optional data-append services:
You may have spent years collecting only snail mail addresses and now you need phone.

You may have spent years collecting only email addresses and now you need snail mail address.

You may have spent years collecting only phone, and now you need snail mail and email addresses.

Before beginning this process, we remove bad customer info so that the appending process can provide additional clean data.
Along the way we will keep track of the progress and decisions.
  • Incoming record count by source
  • Duplicate distribution
  • Merging process
  • Final results to import back into your world
  • The records that need hands on / eyes on decisions
After this process has cleaned your data, you will know how many customers you’ve got and how you can communicate with them.
  • Number of Good Snail Mail Addresses
  • Number of Good Email Addresses
  • Number of Good Phone Numbers
  • Number of Complete Records
  • Customer Mileage Distribution
  • Your Trading Area
Enjoy the benefits of a clean list.
  • Save money on duplicate mailing pieces going to the same household or customer
  • Avoid spamming a customer or household when emailing duplicate offers, causing them to unsubscribe or block marketing communications
Pricing for Complete Cleanup, NCOA, Data Audit, and Trading Area map:
$150 per file import
Plus 2¢ per incoming record
$400 Minimum
Optional Data Append only on matches:
Reverse phone append - have phone, append snail & email 12¢
Reverse email append - have email, append snail & phone 24¢
Email append - have snail & phone, append email 40¢
Phone append - have snail & email, append phone


Let us help you find and clean unreliable, dated, incomplete, & duplicated data.

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